About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Baagi Ba Mmadiphiri is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to create a thriving community in the village of Kgale in Phokeng, through development of activities and cultural pride.

The organisation was founded in 2008 and operated as a community-based organisation until August 2012, when the residents elected a committee that is governed by a constitution. The organisation was successfully registered as an non-profit in December 2014.

Our Vision

  • Creating an enabling environment where community members can.
  • Live in a healthy environment and safe neighbourhood.
  • Be treated as equals regardless of their social or economic background, or their gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

Our Mission

  • Promoting community development by connecting people’s ideas and resources. This enables community-members to initiate community projects based on their skills and resources they can mobilise under the organisation’s umbrella.
  • Promoting health and development through comprehensive family and community initiatives.
  • To create safe and healthy neighbourhood through collaborative planning, community action and policy advocacy.

Our Board Committee Members

Position Name
Chairperson Salang Maponyane
Secretary Meriam Morobe
Treasurer Happy Senne
Vice Chairperson Andrew Rakoma
Vice Secretary Molly Maponyane
Additional Member Lesego Senne
Additional Member Ernest Modisane
Additional Member Mpheng Pila
Additional Member Jane Lefedi

Our Organisational/Governance Structure

Baagi ba Mmadiphiri is run by volunteers, none of whom receive a stipend at this time.

All positions are held by volunteers.

All positions are held by volunteers.

Ausi Meriam Morobe,  our commitee secretary, working at our new offices

Ausi Meriam Morobe, our commitee secretary, working at our new offices

Our reporting/governance processes

  1. Our board of committee meets quarterly
  2. Our management committee, which is made up by project coordinators, meets monthly, unless a special meeting has been called.
  3. Our fundraising committee meets twice a week to keep track of projects, activities and financial implications thereof.
  4. The members of the community of Mmadiphiri meet on the last Sunday of the month, from 7am – 10am. The meeting takes place in an open field and is open to all community members.
  5. The meeting is based on an agenda based on the previous month’s developments and any additional developments that may have occurred.
  6. Minutes from the previous meeting are read out to the public and everyone has the opportunity to comment or make corrections.
  7. Plans are underway to start developing official quarterly and annual reports now that we are a registered non-profit.
  8. The board committee of Baagi ba Mmadiphiri has officially introduced itself to the local traditional structures, to ensure that our meetings and activities are noted and are in line with governance processes in rural areas of South Africa.
  9. Baagi ba Mmadiphiri is a registered NPO (registration number 145-172 NPO) and reports to the South African government and its structures as required.


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